You might recognize that glorious feeling of stumbling upon something new that is so interesting, exciting and inspirational that you simply HAVE to move beyond the point of having it for yourself. Well… it happened again.

Those who know me personally might recall that time I first learned about the notion of blockchain and crypto back in 2017, which pushed me to start writing content, co-organizing events and eventually start a career in the sector(yay!). …

THE YOUNG & OVEREXPOSED is a mini-series of blog posts about the modern struggle, written from the perspective of a 24-year old. This second piece is focussed on the role of randomness in life.

the best example of a utopian “meritocratic” worldview

Did you ever consider how your high school classmates are doing? You were all born in the same area, granted similar opportunities and basically started from the same foot. You’ll probably see a huge variety in this initial population with regards to happiness & “success”.

This has been fascinating me lately. Somehow, the degree to which these people are “doing well” does not seem closely related…

Earlier today, De Volkskrant — one of the most respected newspapers in The Netherlands — published an extensive article on the seemingly stagnant state of blockchain initiatives in the country. By the time the fifth person asked me about my reaction on the article through WhatsApp, I felt obliged to get my writing-game on again and share my thoughts. I give, since I was the guy rambling about blockchain last year!

illustration made by my talented friend Niels Sinke

The article describes how the gloom of blockchain tech caused a rally of developers, visionaries and media announcing The Blockchain Revolution and The New Paradigm. It describes how both…

Blockchained Society is a series of articles about some practical use-cases of blockchain technology (and others). For every article, we zoom in on ONE possible application of the technology and try to envision how it would change society as we know it, through storytelling and hand-drawn illustrations. We publish a new one every week, so stay tuned by following me on Medium! Text by Deniz Yilmaz, illustrations by Niels Sinke. [DUTCH VERSION HERE]

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6

illustrations by Niels Sinke

Meet Kim; a young woman from Rotterdam who recently graduated…

Stake your funds in the Tether (USDT) protection pool and earn premiums plus bonus $OPIUM tokens. Live now at Opium Insurance!

Key points

  • To attract sufficient liquidity, Opium Team has proposed a liquidity mining program for Tether (USDT) solvency risk protection pools.
  • Provide liquidity by staking your USDC in the pool, before the staking phase ends on February 7th at 21:00 UTC.
  • Staked funds are locked until the contract matures (March 5th 21:00 UTC) and can then be withdrawn or kept in the pool for another month.
  • Stakers collect premiums and extra $OPIUM tokens from the liquidity mining program.

What is liquidity mining for protection products?

Opium Finance offers user-friendly and tokenised protection products for various types of risk in DeFi, such as insolvency risk and smart contract risk. Since…

After closing a successful investment round Opium Team has been heads-down in November, working on the next milestones for Opium Network. Let's consider what we have been working on and recap the media attention that November brought Opium!

Team updates

A few weeks ago Opium Team announced the closing of a successful funding round, with top backers from the industry. We're very proud of our backers and they will bring more value to the project besides funds.

The funds will be used to further build and nurture a professional ecosystem for decentralized analogues of financial derivatives. In addition to closing this funding…

Continuing our innovations related to Credit Default Swaps by launching the first CDSs for USDT and wBTC, enabling the use of interest-bearing collateral to unlock the billions of value in DeFi for the derivatives market, significant growth and milestones for the Opium Community, and much more!

September started out hot with the Sushiswap drama, followed by a cooldown of DeFi markets. Amidst falling crypto prices, the fundamentals of DeFi have steadily improved as teams continued building out their protocols and products.

This month Opium Team has been focussing on further innovating with decentralized Credit Default Swaps — a much-needed financial…

Last Friday, on September 18th 2020, we hosted our very first AMA on the Opium Discord server. Even though we just recently launched our Discord server, some great questions were shared by community members. In this article, we’ve included all questions asked and categorised them for improved readability.

Here’s a quick recap for those who missed it!


Deniz (Product & Community Manager) Welcome dear Opium community members! This will be our very first AMA on this platform. Looking forward to try it out with all of you. Our founder Andrey will be joining in a bit. Get your questions ready!

Building the first Credit Default Swap (CDS) in DeFi, a reliable derivative for DeFi darling $YFI, welcoming independent teams building on Protocol, and much more!

DeFi Summer seems to be in full swing as new projects, features, tokens, and memes seem to be popping up every single day. It has become almost impossible to keep up with all development happening in the sector and get your healthy dose of sleep every day. For Opium Team, August has definitely been an eventful month, with some success stories to share and new announcements to make. Let’s dive in!

Team updates

Opium Protocol will implement…

Chainlink and Opium have collaborated on a reliable price feed for the YFI/ETH token pair, bringing the first fully decentralized YFI derivative product to the DeFi market.

At Opium Protocol, we are focussed on bringing professional derivatives to DeFi as we believe it is a crucial instrument for efficient markets. It also allows for speculating on assets that are either unreleased or highly inaccessible.

When we first read about’s YFI token distribution mechanism, we realized it was the perfect use-case for a derivative. The YFI token is a governance token built by Andre Cronje in July 2020 that could…

Fascinated by many things in life but currently indulged in the intersection of crypto, blockchain, economics & philosophy.

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